Ben Richardson

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Ben Richardson

Managing Director
Ben Richardson has extensive experience representing corporates and individuals in white-collar crime and regulatory investigations, as well as proceedings brought by government prosecution agencies.

Ben is the Managing Director of the firm and Head of the Corporate Crime and Investigations department. He is instructed almost exclusively by corporations and executives in relation to white collar crime, civil, regulatory and internal investigations.  He prides himself on his discreet representation of his clients, with many investigations being withdrawn prior to charge.

He is instructed globally in some of the largest complex cases and investigations. Ben is described by his clients as tenacious, sharp and tactically astute; a Solicitor who is unflappable, fearless and able to offer first class advice in some of the most difficult cases.

Ben is regularly instructed by corporates and individuals who are the subject of criminal investigations for fraud, bribery, money laundering and other financial crime, brought by government prosecuting agencies. He is able to immediately establish the core issues of the case, and provide advice which is concise and incisive.

He is instructed in cases that enter foreign jurisdictions which has resulted in him developing links with lawyers in Europe, The U.S and other jurisdictions. This has become invaluable for clients who are the subject of a complex investigation which involves an international element, in and outside of Europe.

Notable Cases


Ben acted for a client who was the subject of an SFO investigation in respect of Luis Michael Limited. This company was ultimately prosecuted for a £5m apprenticeship fraud scheme that targeted colleges, charities, football clubs and sports associations. Our client received notification of no further action being taken against him after following advice provided by Ben.

FCA & SEC v P Ltd

Ben recently advised a corporate client in respect of a joint operation by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (US) in respect of an overseas request for information, which related to transactions between our client and a global provider of medical technology.


Criminal investigation into the ‘Paradise Papers’ which appeared on Panorama.  The case involves the allegation of a £124 million pound fraud relating to tax evasion.  This is an ongoing criminal investigation into an allegation that concerns the ‘rich and famous’ who have placed funds into offshore accounts in an alleged attempt to evade tax.

R v B

This case involved a multinational construction company which was at the centre of a bribery and corruption allegation.  The allegation was that our client, together with other persons engaged as Costs Advisors and Project Managers by NHS Health Board falsified financial records which were produced to the Health Board, NHS Facility Services, and the NHS Specialist Services Unit.

It was alleged that this was done in order to show that costs incurred in the redevelopment project of a hospital aligned with budget figures in the region of £89.9m which were identified in Outline and Formal Business Cases and to show that the project was not subject to financial risk when this was not the case.  This firm acted for this client during the investigation stage providing strategic advice and submitted documentary evidence which assisted in the avoidance of charge.


FCA investigation into company suspected of breaches of Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Ben was instructed by a corporate client in relation to an FCA investigation.  Our client’s business was involved in internet comparison websites.  The FCA alleged that the company were in breach of FSMA s19 as they believed that they were conducting regulated activities by advising their clients in respect of insurance deals.  Our pre charge investigation work resulted in the FCA ceasing its investigation into our client.  We were able to show that our client’s activities were not regulated activities and therefore a prosecution was not lawful.

National Trading Standards v C

Ben is instructed in this matter brought by NTS which is the first of its kind. The prosecution is in relation to the secondary ticket market. Ben acts for one of the alleged controlling minds of the main companies who sell tickets using the secondary ticket platform Viagogo.

R v B

This case was one of the longest fraud trials in the UK.  Ben was instructed by the lead defendant in this case.  He was assisted by Bridie Kelley and Jessica Merron plus a team of 4 other lawyers.  This case lasted 12 months at trial in the Crown Court at Liverpool.  Our client was charged with 25 counts of fraud and money laundering including conspiracy to defraud.  The offences took place over a 14 year period whilst he was a director of a luxury nursing home in the North of England.

City of London Police v M

Defended client against London City Police and Crown Prosecution Service in relation to a Restraint Order which was successfully discharged.  The Crown were ordered to pay clients full costs due to its failure in its duty of candour.

SKAT (the Danish Customs and Tax Administration) v Solo Capital Investments Ltd

Ben has been instructed in a £1.5 billion pound commercial fraud which involves Cum-Ex trades. SKAT allege that our client has been involved in the facilitation of fraud and money laundering offences which have resulted in the huge loss to the Danish tax payer.  The allegation centres around taxes being reclaimed from SKAT in respect of dividends for shareholders of companies who reside in foreign jurisdictions.

R v S

Ben was instructed to defend this client in relation to an alleged boiler room fraud which was selling carbon credits.  The client is a director of two companies which are alleged to be involved in the said fraud.  One of the companies is alleged to be a vehicle to launder the proceeds of the fraud and is known as a clearing company for the shares which were bought by individuals.  The case had highly complex issues relating to disclosure and third party production orders in foreign jurisdictions such as US and France.


Ben continues to act for 2 company directors in respect of an investigation into an allegation of VAT fraud. Investigation ongoing.

City of London Police v BW Ltd

Ben continues to act for a company who are subject to an Interim Freezing Order (IFO) in respect of an allegation of money laundering.

The Pensions Regulator v FA Limited

Ben continues to act for several company directors in an investigation into an alleged pensions fraud.


Ben continues to act for an individual who is subject to an investigation into a Ponzi Scheme fraud.

Other notable cases

R v P – Defended client in a farming fraud

R v Mc – Defended client in a customs and excise fraud

R v A – Defended client in a pension liberation scheme fraud

R v T – Defended client in Fraud against X-factor runner up

R v H – Large scale multi-handed conspiracy – Insurance fraud

R v S – Large scale multi-handed conspiracy to launder money

R v B – Acted for client who had a third-party interest in assets that were subject of a multi-million pound Proceeds of Crime application.

R v W – Health and Safety Executive prosecution for Gross Negligence Manslaughter.

R v A – £80 million-pound Proceeds of Crime case

Foreign jurisdiction and Extradition cases

France v P – client wanted in France for importation of around 4 tonnes of illegal cigarettes. The intervention stopped a European arrest warrant being issued for the client.

G v De Schie Prison Netherlands – Human rights case. Ben attended the Netherlands to act for this client in this matter against a prison in Rotterdam.

The Netherlands v W – Extradition from the UK to the Netherlands. The client was facing charges of murder in the Netherlands.

Slovenia v P – Extradition to Slovenia to face charges of Fraud.