Jessica Merron

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Jessica Merron

Jessica is an experienced paralegal at the firm and has extensive experience assisting on cases involving serious and complex criminal offences. She is extremely dedicated to clients and believes that client care is paramount.  She is a graduate member of CILEX and aims to complete the SQE course starting in September 2022 to qualify as a solicitor.

Throughout her career she has been instructed by individuals in respect criminal and/or regulatory offences.  Jessica has also assisted on large scale fraud cases, which often involves scrutinising vast amounts of evidence. She is analytical in her approach and can quickly identify and challenge weaknesses in the prosecution case. Her peers have described Jessica as a diligent and hardworking lawyer who genuinely cares about her clients.

Her dedication to detail and client care is evidenced in the results she achieves for clients.

Notable Cases

R v B

Jessica assisted in representing an individual who was the general manager of a national company accused of intentionally misleading customers so that the company could dishonestly retain customer deposits. The prosecution was brought by Trading Standards and involved consideration of consumer contract regulations and analysis of over 70,000 pages of prosecution evidence.

R v K

Jessica is currently instructed to represent an individual who is the named Director of a corporate enterprise. The case deals with matters relating to professional due diligence and allegedly engaging in unfair or misleading commercial practices and relates to a prosecution brought by Trading Standards.

R v B

Jessica is currently representing an individual who is accused of being part of conspiracy to commit fraud involving alleged corporate sabotage.

R v S

Jessica assisted in representing a client who allegedly played a leading role in a £36 million carbon credit fraud.

R v H

Jessica represented the spouse of an individual convicted of fraud offences and was the subject of Proceeds of Crime proceedings (POCA), who wanted to protect her position and share of the marital home through registering her third-party interest by way of a Section 10A application under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

R v H

Jessica is currently assisting in representing an individual who is alleged to have committed tax fraud and mortgage fraud, with the offences alleged to have taken place over a ten-year period. The individual’s assets are also the subject of a Restraint Order; the terms of which have been made less onerous following successful representations by Jessica to the Crown Prosecution Service.

R v J

Jessica is currently instructed in Proceeds of Crime proceedings that involve issues surrounding the individual’s pension receipts and pension annuity.

Trading Standards v B

Fraud – ongoing case.  Representing a national company; the case involves consumer cancellation rights for ‘off premises contracts’ under The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.  Case involves consideration of over 70,000 pages of evidence.

R v K

Multi handed people trafficking case involving complex disclosure. The case was the first of its kind to be brought before the UK courts. This case was brought by the Crown Prosecution Service after the defendant had been convicted of drug offences. The Crown used the same evidence and circumstances for the second prosecution which had been used for the drugs offence. The defendant was acquitted following a successful application to dismiss.

R v P

Cutthroat murder trial involving 4 defendants relating to a larger county line drug dealing network.  Jessica represented the lead defendant and alleged ‘knifeman’.  Three defendants admitted being at the scene at the time of the murder with each defendant accusing the other of being the one who fatally stabbed the victim.  Careful consideration of CCTV and phone evidence was necessary in order to build an accurate timeline of our client’s position at the time of the stabbing.

R v B

Fraud – This case was one of the longest fraud trials in the UK.  Ben Richardson was instructed by the lead defendant in this case.  He was assisted by Jessica and Bridie Kelley plus a team of another 4 lawyers.  This case lasted 12 months at trial in the Crown Court at Liverpool.  Our client was charged with 25 counts of fraud and money laundering including conspiracy to defraud.  The offences took place over a 14-year period whilst he was a director of a luxury nursing home in the North of England.

R v A

Murder.  Highly sensitive case whereby the defendant was charged with the murder of a family member which was widely reported in the national press.  The defendant had a complex psychiatric history and the case involved multiple expert witnesses due to the nature of the case.  The defendant had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia however refused to recognise his own illness and therefore had gone untreated.  The current law was criticised as it does not make provision for defendants who understand legal proceedings but are otherwise delusional.  This case raised wider legal issues and calls for a judicial review in relation to fitness to plead.

R v F

Perverting the Course of Justice.  Jessica represented one of two defendants accused of providing an alibi for a third defendant accused of a high-profile gangland shooting.  Meticulous analysis of ANPR and phone evidence was necessary in order to prove the defendant was not involved in wider gang activity.

R v S

Arson.  Sensitive case where the defendant had serious and untreated psychiatric issues.  The defendant suffered from temporary psychosis brought on by an addiction to a synthetic drug known by the street name as ‘Monkey Dust’.  The defendant was initially accused of Arson with Intent to Endanger Life, later being reduced to Recklessness.   Preparation of the case involved closely liaising with mental health services and Psychiatric Expert Witnesses in order to obtain the correct treatment for the client prior to entering a plea.

R v O

Conspiracy to Rob. Eleven handed conspiracy involving nine armed robberies of commercial premises at various locations throughout Greater Manchester.  The case also involved theft of vehicles and using fake registration plates to be used as get away cars.  Consideration of police surveillance and forensic evidence was necessary in order to mitigate our client’s limited involvement.

R v G

Possession with Intent to Supply Class B.  Elderly, vulnerable client who was accused of working for an alleged established drugs gang, transporting large amounts of cannabis between various locations.  Jessica instructed a psychiatric expert witness to determine fitness to plead and fitness to stand trial.  The expert witness raised concerns of the defendant having undiagnosed and untreated bi-polar disorder which may account for his erratic and uncharacteristic behaviour.  The defendant ultimately pled guilty to the offence; however successful mitigation meant that the defendant received a custodial sentence at the lower end of the sentencing guidelines.

R v W

Attempted Murder.  Jessica represented a defendant who was a serving prisoner accused of attacking another prisoner at a high security unit using a makeshift shank.  The defendant had a long history of psychiatric issues which had been mostly untreated during his time in the prison system.  The case focused on the defendant’s intent and whether he intended to murder the victim or cause him serious harm.  Successful in proving that the defendant did not have the prerequisite intent of the offence and did not intend to murder the victim, the defendant was convicted of a lessor offence.