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Richardson Lissack

23 June, 2022


June, 2022

A guide to insider dealing

Insider dealing is a serious charge, one that comes with considerable consequences if an individual is found guilty. It’s a complex area of law which can create confusion. In this guide, we look at insider…Read more

21 April, 2022


April, 2022

Professional Negligence Claims

We rely on the opinions of professionals to help us make important decisions about, for example, our legal and financial affairs. This work can be extremely complex, and if the advice we receive isn’t up…Read more

20 April, 2022


April, 2022

Common issues relating to civil litigation

The process of pursuing civil litigation sounds simple enough. When a dispute arises you set out a claim against your opponent and detail the resolution you require. If that doesn’t happen, you then issue a…Read more

19 April, 2022


April, 2022

Civil Litigation from both sides

Litigation is the principal means by which parties in England and Wales attempt to resolve civil disputes. The process is governed by the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), and each party has to persuade a judge…Read more

17 April, 2022


April, 2022

CIFAS Markers: Data subject access request (DSAR)

What is a Cifas marker? CIFAS stands for ‘Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System‘, a not-for-profit fraud prevention membership organisation. It operates as a fraud prevention service, and manages the largest database of fraudulent conduct instances…Read more

14 April, 2022


April, 2022

What you need to know about CIFAS markers

Natural Fraud Database CIFAS fraud markers are adverse judgements through which one institution, be it a bank, loan company or an insurer, for example, can warn another about risks associated with a potential customer. CIFAS…Read more

16 November, 2021


November, 2021

Difficult Decisions for Directors – a word of warning!

What the Rating (Coronavirus) and Directors Disqualification (Dissolved Companies) Bill means for directors. As we emerge from lockdown many company directors have difficult decisions to make. Notwithstanding the dreadful effect the pandemic has had on…Read more

30 September, 2021


September, 2021

Three basic stages of civil litigation

Not without reason do civil litigation proceedings have a reputation for being both lengthy and potentially costly.  Therefore, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what proceedings will entail before they are entered into….Read more

22 September, 2021


September, 2021

Has your business been reported for tax evasion?

If you are notified that your business has been reported for tax evasion the whole process can be incredibly stressful and daunting. It can have range of consequences both personally and for your business. Many…Read more

1 September, 2021


September, 2021

What are the penalties for tax evasion in the UK?

If you are being investigated for tax evasion it is highly likely that HMRC has discovered irregularities which it believes are suspicious or has found inconsistencies in your tax return or company accounts. Using a…Read more

27 October, 2020


October, 2020

How common are civil tax investigations?

We are often asked how common civil tax investigations are. The accurate figures are difficult to quantify, but some have been released because of Freedom of Information requests in the past. These usually relate to…Read more

21 September, 2020


September, 2020

The FCA and cannabis: an unlikely pairing?

The recent announcement by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of guidance for companies in the medicinal cannabis sector, thinking about listing on UK exchanges, is a welcome development.  While the 2018 legalisation of medicinal cannabis…Read more

1 September, 2020


September, 2020

Furlough fraud: what lies ahead?

Furlough fraud claims are on the rise.  Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) together with whistleblowing organisations are reporting thousands of complaints against employers in relation to abuse of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)….Read more