Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a term that covers a wide range of disputes between two or more parties that are typically resolved with reference to the civil Courts, although at all times parties are encouraged to engage Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Commercial litigation falls under the umbrella of civil litigation but more accurately describes disputes that arise in the context of businesses.

Whether a dispute is classified as ‘civil’ or ‘commercial’ litigation, generally claims follow the same processes, although disputes between businesses can (although not always) be more complicated, for example involving cross-border issues.

Typical civil litigation disputes may be:

  • Claims by individuals against banks, financial services providers or issues arising from contracts entered into with insurance or energy provides.
  • Professional negligence claims.
  • Residential property disputes.

Otherwise, disputes that broadly fall within the category of commercial litigation are:

  • Disagreement arising from commercial relationships with banks or financial services providers.
  • Commercial property disputes.
  • Director/shareholder disagreements.
  • Contractual disputes.
  • The need for an urgent injunction.

A further area that falls within the broad remit of civil litigation is the wide range of disputes that can be categorised as commercial fraud. This includes claims, in the commercial context, where there are allegations of deceit, fraudulent misrepresentation or the commission of breach of trust or breach of a fiduciary duty, for example.

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