Cyber Crime

Serious Crime

The world as we know it is run by computers whether that is the mobile phone in your pocket, the tablet in your children’s hands or the laptop sat on your desk.  In modern times, the majority of those devices all have access to the internet and the World Wide Web, which as most of you will know is an information space that can potentially connect all of these devices together.

Computers can store an abundance of personal and sensitive material including bank account details, medical records and so on.  The list is endless.

The rapidly increasing use of advanced technology worldwide has its benefits but it also comes with huge risks, one of which is cyber crime.  This is such a broad term in definition but can include some of the following criminal offences:

  • Hacking;
  • Disruption of Computer Functionality;
  • Offences under the Computer Misuse Act 1990;
  • Offences under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000;
  • Offences under the Data Protection Act 1998;
  • Online Fraud;
  • Intellectual Property crime (piracy, counterfeiting and forgery);
  • Online Marketplaces for Illegal Items (drugs, firearms, banking details);
  • Revenge Porn;
  • Malicious Communications.

Much of what is considered ‘cyber crime’ can also be committed on the part of the World Wide Web that is referred to as the ‘Dark Web’, which is only accessible by means of special software, allowing users and website operators to remain anonymous or untraceable.

Our lawyers at Richardson Lissack have experience in dealing with some of the most sophisticated and complex cyber crime cases including those cases that contain an international element.  We also work closely with a number of recognised computer experts that have assisted us in some of the more complex cases by producing reports that allow us to undermine the prosecution’s case. If you have been charged or if you are under investigation for a cyber crime related offence, please contact one of our lawyers for advice.

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