Sexual Offences

Offences of a sexual nature are primarily dealt with under the Sexual Offences Act 2003. However, sexual allegations of a historic nature have become increasingly common in recent times and depending on the dates of the alleged offences, the Sexual Offences Act 1956 may be more relevant to your case.


Sexual Offences

Both Acts cover a wide range of offences including rape and sexual assault. Other notable offences that this legislation captures are those in positions of trust such as carers, police officers and medical practitioners.

At Richardson Lissack, our lawyers sympathise with the stigma that comes with being accused of a sexual offence. Therefore, it is imperative that you seek expert advice from the outset should allegations of a sexual nature be made against you.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with both historic and recent sexual complaints which includes expert advice being given from the moment of arrest, throughout the investigatory process and the court proceedings should your case proceed that far.

In the unfortunate situation that your case results in court proceedings, Richardson Lissack have established an excellent professional relationship with some of the top barristers in the country who specialise in sexual offences.

Our lawyers have been involved in some recent successes in respect of pre-charge investigations and court proceedings:


  • South Yorkshire Police v R Professional football coach accused of rape. After extensive enquiries were made into the credibility of the allegation made, written representations were submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service which resulted in no further action being taken.
  • Greater Manchester Police v M & Others Four professional sportsmen accused of sexual assault. No further action taken against all four of our clients after written representations were submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service in the weeks following the police interviews. Our team had undertaken significant pre-charge investigations; the results of which undermined the allegation made by the complainant. No further action taken against our client.
  • Greater Manchester Police v W Government employee accused of rape. Our team were instructed post-interview. Written representations were submitted to the CPS after uncovering comments made on social media undermined the allegation made by the complainant. No further action taken against our client.
  • R v W Computer engineer charged with sexual assault. After persistent disclosure requests to the Crown Prosecution Service, our team managed to identify and establish several failings from the investigatory stage. As a result, no evidence was offered against our client on the first day of trial.
  • R v T Company director charged with rape. A detailed Defence Statement was submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service containing several disclosure requests. The material uncovered as a result of those disclosure requests resulted in the CPS offering no evidence against our client.
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How Richardson Lissack can help

Our lawyers are available 24/7 to assist you and provide legal advice in Sexual Offences matters.

Contact London 020 3753 5352 or Manchester 0161 834 7284. Alternatively you can email

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Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith

“I would like to say the service from Anthony was excellent. Whilst I see people, including my co-defendants getting frustrated with their legal team (ie. not being able to contact them and not getting questions answered), I have had a great service and was always satisfied from start to finish.”

Kim Nihill
Kim Nihill

“Kim’s always gone the extra distance in times of need and always been ever so easy to talk especially in times of stress. Kim’s very thorough and diligent in her work who’s judgement and opinion I’ll always trust. Kim’s always been readily available and if not - very prompt in getting back to me. I’ve recommended Kim to friends over the years and they’ve always thanked me in doing so as she’s provided them with the same level of care and attention. It’s been very reassuring having Kim in my corner.”

Paul Morris
Jessica Maguire
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