Tax Litigation and Compliance

Our team at Richardson Lissack is comprised of former Tax Investigators and highly experienced and accomplished White Collar fraud lawyers. This combination of skills and experience provides our clients with the support needed to deal with any HMRC issue.

Areas of expertise

Tax Litigation Services

We act for individuals and companies across the whole range of regimes that HMRC regulate and take great pride in helping our clients find the right solution to their issues.

In the past few years, HMRC have become increasingly aggressive as a result of needing to tackle the “tax gap” we have adapted to this new approach as more and more taxpayers come under scrutiny. We understand how HMRC work and are able to speak to their investigators on their level thereby alleviating much of the stress and uncertainty from the process.

Tax Litigation and Compliance areas our team are currently acting:

  • Code 9 investigations under the Contracted disclosure facility.
  • Negotiating with HMRC for our clients in respect of the contractor’s loan charge.
  • Acting for individuals/companies with tax debts, particularly where insolvency proceedings have been threatened or instigated.
  • Acting in Tax tribunals in respect of VAT and Excise duty assessments.
  • Providing compliance advice for companies in industries which HMRC consider high risk, such as alcohol traders, Payroll companies, Pension providers and dealers of High value goods.
  • Acting for Taxpayers involved in Tax avoidance schemes which HMRC have deemed abusive.
  • Representing several individuals in pre charge interviews and search warrants.
  • Representing clients in joint HMRC/Pension regulator investigations.
  • Representing business’s in National minimum wage enquiries.
Prevention is better than a cure

How Richardson Lissack can help

Our team have successfully litigated numerous high-profile cases in the Tax tribunal, the High court, and Court of appeal, and considered leaders in their field. They understand how HMRC work and are skilled tacticians in dealing with HMRC issues.

We have also settled, to our client’s advantage, numerous cases without the need to litigate by quickly navigating to the core issues of the perceived problem and forcing HMRC to become accountable for its actions.

Our lawyers are available to assist you and provide legal advice.

Contact London 020 3753 5352 or Manchester 0161 834 7284. Alternatively you can email



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Richardson Lissack quoted in the Law Gazette regarding HMRC Investigations

Managing Director, Ben Richardson quoted in the Law Gazette in relation to an article regarding HMRC Investigations.

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